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Know What Customers Want: Great Customer Service

41% of companies don’t respond to customer service emails, and 9 out of 10 don’t even acknowledge receiving them.

Source: SuperOffice

71% of customers want to be able to solve their customer service problems on their own using information that they find themselves.

Source: Aspect

In a recent survey in the US and UK, more than 70% of consumers said they expect personalization from the companies they do business with.

Source: Linkdex

Get Started Selling Your Products Online

It’s projected that in 2021 13.7 of all retail business will be done online, as opposed to just 7% in 2015.

Source: Statista,reach%2012.4%20percent%20in%202020.

Master Mindfulness and Start Paying Better Attention at Work

Humans spend about 47% of time lost in thought.

Source: Harvard University

Research shows that after 8 weeks of mindfulness meditation, your brain’s “fight or flight” center appears to shrink.

Source: PLOS

Work-Life Balance: The Right Mix for Business Success

Studies show that using a smartphone for work after 9pm lowers sleep quantity and quality, which can lead to people feeling less refreshed in the morning and less engaged at work.

Source: Science Direct

Researchers have also found that people who spend time outside of work focusing on non-work skills and abilities are happier and less stressed.

Source: NCBI

Blog Your Way to Better Business

People who are familiar with your brand and have visited your site are 2-3 times more likely to click on your name in search results

Source: Larry Kim: RLSA Will Save The Day, Slide 27

People who are familiar with your brand and have visited your site are 2-3 times more likely to make a purchase when they visit your site.

Source:, 10 CRO Truth Bombs That Will Change the Way You Think

Prep Your Business for a Successful Holiday

The December holiday season alone accounts for 20% of yearly sales for retailers.

Source: National Retail Foundation

Create a YouTube Channel and Turn Viewers into Customers

YouTube is the world’s largest video network and the second-largest search engine behind Google Search.

Source: Google/Magid Advisors, “The Role of Digital Video in People’s Lives”, Global , August 2018

YouTube viewers tend to watch on average over an hour of videos per day.

Source: Google/Magid Advisors, “The Role of Digital Video in People’s Lives”, Global , August 2018

90% of consumers say they’ve discovered new products or brands on YouTube.

Source: Google/Magid Advisors, “The Role of Digital Video in People’s Lives”, Global , August 2018

Grow Your Business and Reach New Customers with YouTube Ads

In a recent survey, over 70% of viewers said YouTube makes them more aware of new businesses.

Source: Google/Talkshoppe, US, whyVideo study, n=2000, ages 18-64, general population video users, Feb 2020

Know What Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Resume

58% of resumes have typos.

Source: 2013 Career Builder Survey

Overcome Self-Doubt As You Run Your Business

Researchers have found that about 70% of people experience “Impostor Syndrome”

Source: International Journal of Behavioral Science

Grow Your Business: Enter a New International Market

3.7 billion people around the world are online.

Source: Internet World Stats

Almost $2 trillion was made in ecommerce in 2016, which is predicted to become $4 trillion by 2020.

Source: eMarketer

96% of people, for example, didn’t know was based in the Netherlands and 90% of them said this wouldn’t affect the likelihood of them buying from the company again.

Source: Think with Google

Around 75% of customers are more likely to buy from websites in their own language.

Source: Pitney Bowes

60% of consumers in Denmark like using credit cards. But in Germany, credits cards are only popular with 14% of the population.

Source: IPC

How to Get Found on Google Search and Maps

In a Google survey, 80% of people said they use a search engine to find local business information.

Source: Think with Google

50% of customers who do a local search on their smartphones visit a business within a day.

Source: Think with Google

People are also 38% more likely to visit a business if the online information is up-to-date and correct.

Source: Google GYBO

Google My Business listings with photos get 42% more map direction requests and 35% more clickthroughs to the business website than those listings without photos.

Source: Google GYBO

88% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as they trust a friend’s recommendations.

Source: Search Engine Land

How Remarketing Keeps Customers Coming Back

49% of customers now visit 2 to 4 sites before they decide to buy.

Source: Google/Compete Sporting Goods Study: (Sept 2011-Sept 2012) Clickstream BF02 (number of different brands)<

Find Funding and Get Your Business off the Ground

More than half of businesses don’t succeed because they need to find more profits or funding.

Source: USA Today citing the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Consortium

Keep Top Talent with a Gender Equal Workplace

Less than 20% of board members at the largest American companies are women.

Source: Womenwill

The more education a woman has, the greater the wage gap is likely to be.

Source: Womenwill

Fighting Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

We receive 11 million bits of information in any given moment, and we can only consciously process 40 of them at a time.

Source: Dissociations, Developmental Psychology, and Pedagogical Design

More than 90 percent of the world’s online population uses emojis. But, even though there are a huge range of emojis, there aren’t a lot that highlight the diversity of women’s careers nor empower young girls.

Source: Adweek

Define Your Career Goals to Reach Your Full Potential

A 2018 study released by the University of Scranton found 92% of people who set goals do not end up achieving them.

Source: Statistic Brain Research Institute

Design and Test Your Business to Improve Accessibility

As you evaluate your site, consider if your content’s: perceivable (Can people know that your content exists with more than one sense?), understandable (Can users take in and comprehend the information in a variety of ways?), operable (Can users interact with and navigate your website?), and robust (Can people access your site using various browsers, operating systems, and assistive tools?).

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Having a strong contrast between background and foreground colors on your website can also be key to having perceivable content. Many companies make contrast checkers you can use to see how your site measures up.

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

It’s also important not to rely solely on color to convey information. Let’s say you highlight text that links to another webpage in blue. Underline it, too, so people don’t miss it.

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Test how using the Tab key will help people navigate through the site (AKA the tab order).

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Consider having the tab order mirror how you want people to read the page (generally top to bottom) and having the most important stuff higher in the order.

Source: WebAIM

Consider giving images “alt text.” This is descriptive copy written into the back end of a website. Screen reader technology can read this copy aloud to help visually impaired users understand the images on the webpage.

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

An important part of making a robust site is labeling anything interactive: text-input fields, icons, etc. Say you’ve got a nav icon on your website. You might give it a label for screen readers to use that says “show/hide navigation menu.”

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Creating labels? Remember: Be brief and go heavy on action verbs. That way, rather than hearing long descriptions, people using assistive tools like screen readers can focus on what to do.

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

If your site has text links, try and make the copy descriptive, like, “Go to your shopping cart,” rather than just, “Click here.” Screen reader users can get more out of knowing where links navigate to and what action’s required of them.

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Simple, direct alt text and labels are important for accessibility.

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Check if alt text and labels are brief

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Check if alt text and labels do not use the words “Image of” or “Link to” and are not just repeating the other words written on the webpage

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Check if alt text and labels use active verbs for icons that control actions (like “Print”)

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Check that there’s no alt text for images that are just decorative

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Test to see whether your website is perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

The Basics of Accessibility: How You Can Reach More Customers

Studies show that roughly 15% of the world’s population has a form of disability. That’s over 1 billion people.

Source: World Health Organization

If a user enters the wrong password, for example, try an alert that also includes on-screen text.

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Strong color contrast between the text and the background

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

Links and buttons that are clearly different from other text

Source: WebAIM (Accessibility in Mind)

Color and text alerts when info’s entered incorrectly

Source: World Wide Web Consortium

The ability to move around a webpage with the “Tab“ key

Source: Vox Media Accessibility Guidelines

Headers and navigation that’s consistent from page to page

Source: Vox Media Accessibility Guidelines

Turn Visitors into Customers with Good UX

And, when your UX makes people feel good, they’re more likely to become your customers.

Source: Forbes

How Crowdfunding Success Begins with an Email

Email Marketing is 34% more effective than other forms of outreach for crowdfunding campaigns.

Source: Indiegogo: Your Campaign Email Strategy

Campaigns that raise 30% to 50% or more of their goal in the first 48 hours raise 47% more money on average on Indiegogo

Source: Indiegogo Insight: Average Contribution Amount Through Email is Higher Than Other Referral Sources, Indiegogo Blog, March, 2012

Track Marketing Outcomes with Digital Metrics

Micro outcomes can end up being 3 to 4 times more economically valuable.

Source: Avinash Kaushik: Excellent Analytics Tips #19:Identify Website Goal Economic Values

Keep It Real with User-Generated Content

Tweets with images get 3 times more engagement than those without images.

Source: Newscred + Twenty20: The Ultimate Guide to User-Generated Content

Brands that use pictures on social media almost double their engagement rate.

Source: Newscred + Twenty20: The Ultimate Guide to User-Generated Content

Boost Your Online Business with Google Ads

4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information like a store’s address, business hours, product availability, and directions.

Source: Google/Ipsos MediaCT/Purchased, Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior, May 2014

Get Your Products Featured in Customers’ Searches with Google Merchant Center

This past holiday season, 58% of purchases in the US happened online, compared to 42% in-store.

Source: Google/Ipsos, U.S., Omnichannel Holiday Study, online survey, n=8,186, holiday purchases, online Americans 18+ who shopped for the holidays in the past two days, Nov. 2019–Jan. 2020.

This past holiday season, 88% of in-store shoppers searched online first.

Source: Google/Ipsos, U.S., Omnichannel Holiday Study, online survey, n=2,540, holiday in-store purchases, online Americans 18+ who shopped for the holidays in the past two days, Nov. 2019–Jan. 2020.

Get a Competitive Edge: Create a Website, Fast

40% of customers look for business websites to find local information

Source: The Consumer Barometer Survey 2014/15

listings with site links get 60% more direction requests

Source: Google/Oxera

Make the Most of Your Google My Business Listing

A major part of this is having a complete listing, as those are 2x as likely to be considered reputable by customers.

Source: Google/Oxera

And 88% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Source: Search Engine Land

Design Thinking: An Innovative Way to Turn Ideas into Products

It’s been used for everything from brainstorming solutions for major societal issues to redefining established companies in fast-changing industries.

Source: Ideo

It’s been used for everything from brainstorming solutions for major societal issues to redefining established companies in fast-changing industries.

Source: Ideo

Seeing the world from other people’s points of view encourages employees to develop ideas that aren’t just new but are useful, too.

Source: The Academy of Management Journal

The more perspectives the better, since that also means more new ideas.

Source: American Journal of Sociology

Research shows that the productivity of brainstorming sessions tends to decrease when groups are too large.

Source: Basic and Applied Social Psychology

Emotional support and constructive feedback are crucial at this stage since you’ll be examining the failures of your prototypes in order to learn from them and improve upon your product or service moving forward.

Source: The Academy of Management Journal

Emotional support and constructive feedback are crucial at this stage since you’ll be examining the failures of your prototypes in order to learn from them and improve upon your product or service moving forward.

Source: The Academy of Management Journal

Identify Problems at Work So You Can Start Solving Them

The World Economic Forum stated that problem solving skills were the most critical for the future of businesses, along with critical thinking and creativity.

Source: World Economic Forum

Structure Your Interviews to Make Better Hires

research shows that during first encounters like interviews, we rely on snap judgments that are heavily influenced by our unconscious biases and beliefs.

Source: ResearchGate

The results showed that structured interviews are better at predicting who will do well on the job.

Source: re:Work

Research shows rejected candidates who had structured interviews were 35% happier than those who didn’t have structured interviews.

Source: re:Work

This can help lower individual unconscious bias during hiring

Source: re:Work

make sure the candidate is a good match for the entire team

Source: re:Work

Rejecting candidates is never a pleasant experience for you or them, but you can make it more positive by explaining how your hiring decision process works.

Source: Personnel Psychology

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Running Online Giveaways

Giveaways influence the purchasing decisions of 3 out of 4 participants.

Source: DMN, “How to generate engagement through a social media contest,” 2014.

A study by digital agency Tamba showed that 84.5% of participants share posts from brands even after the giveaway has ended.

Source: Social Times: “How Social Media Contests Influence Consumers,” 2014.

Build Your Email Marketing A-Team

Research from Campaign Monitor shows that emails get you 6x more click-throughs than tweets.

Source: Campaign Monitor: Email Marketing vs Social Media: Are you focusing on the wrong channel? 2014.

Reach Customers, Not Spam Filters

Industry standards say that you should aim for a 20-30% open rate, so if yours is lower, you should consider a change.

Source: MailChip: Email Marketing Benchmarks, The Rocket Science Group, 2016

Give Customers the Best Retail Experience in Your Store and Online

Before making a purchase, many customers go online to research what they want to buy.

Source: Retail Dive

Almost half of customers said that they still prefer to make their purchases in a physical store.

Source: Retail Dive

International Payments: Let Customers Pay Their Favorite Way

30% of global shoppers online say they might not complete a purchase if a site doesn’t offer their preferred way to pay.

Source: Pitney Bowes

In the Netherlands, how do most people pay online? Bank transfer of funds

Source: Market Finder

What’s one of the most popular payment methods in Brazil? Order online first, pay in person later.

Source: Market Finder

True or false: Local credit cards aren’t really that popular. Only major credit cards like American Express or Visa are used online internationally. False

Source: Market Finder

iDeal is an example of a bank transfer payment system. It was created by a group of Dutch banks and now accounts for the majority of online payments in the Netherlands.

Source: Market Finder

Another example is SoFort banking, which allows fast and direct money transfers between banks in several European countries. It’s one of the most popular ways of transferring money in Germany.

Source: Market Finder

SEPA lets businesses collect payments from customers’ bank accounts in 34 SEPA countries and territories, including the United Kingdom.

Source: Market Finder

For example, UnionPay from China is one of the world’s largest suppliers of credit cards, which can be used in 141 countries and territories around the world. Some of its cards are even affiliated with major credit cards like Visa and American Express.

Source: Market Finder

Elo is a local credit, debit, and prepaid card brand in Brazil that’s issued over 80 million cards.

Source: Market Finder

Boleto Bancário is one of the most popular payment methods in Brazil.

Source: Market Finder

Overcome Barriers and Turn Your Plans into Action to Achieve Your Career Goals

92% of people fail to take the necessary action to achieve their goals because of a sense of overwhelm.

Source: University of Scranton

Connect with Your Customers through Mobile Messaging

Not only do 98% of mobile messages get read – 90% of those messages get read within three seconds of them being sent.

Source: Mobile Intelligence Review: Edition 2

In one study, 53% of respondents said they are more likely to shop with a business who they can message with directly.

Source: Hootsuite

Reach the LGBTQ Audience by Being Inclusive

54% of customers under 34 said they’d choose an equality-based brand over a competitor. And 45% of them said they’re more likely to do repeat business with an LGBT-friendly company.

Source: Think with Google

Keep Mobile Users Engaged In and Out of Your App

The average app loses over 95% of its daily active users within 90 days.

Source: Andrew Chen: New Data Shows Losing 80% of Mobile Users is Normal, And Why the Best Apps do Better (2015)

20% of mobile apps are only used once.

Source: Localytics: App Retention Improves - Apps Used Only Once Declines to 20% (2014)

The Non-Spammy Way to Build an Email List

91% of people check their email everyday, and many use their inbox as a to-do list.

Source: Exact Target

Appeal to Searchers and Search Engines with SEO

95% of searchers stick with the listings on the first page of results.

Source: Search Engine Watch: No. 1 Position in Google Gets 33% of Search Traffic (Study) (2013)

Start Selling on Social Media

One study found 62% of people were more interested in a brand after seeing it on social media.

Source: Instagram Business

Manage Your Time to Make the Most of It

In a study it was found that 69% of workers have difficulty focusing on one thing at a time and are easily distracted during the day, especially by email

Source: Forbes

Multitasking can make it take 25% longer to complete a primary task.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Make Email Marketing Your Secret Weapon

91% of people check their emails at least once a day.

Source: ExactTarget: 2012 Channel Preference Study (2012) (p 28)

Skip the Ordinary: Create Engaging Online Video Ads

Humorous ads usually get more views than other types of ads. So, if it’s appropriate, consider using humor. Obviously, being funny isn’t right for every brand, so use it wisely.

Source: Objective Creative Characteristics and TrueView Performance

The longer-form ads (the 2-minute and the 30-second) not only had stronger VTRs (View Through Rates), but were also both more effective in lifting brand favorability for the brand.

Source: Think With Google

Actionable Online Videos: Get More Than Views

studies show that customers who engage with brands on social media are more loyal and spend up to 40% more with those brands than other customers do.

Source: Bain Brief

Keep People Coming Back With Exceptional Customer Service

87% of people share good customer service experiences with others. 95% of people who have a bad customer service experience tell others about it.

Source: Zendesk

Build an Innovative Workplace Destined for Long-Term Success

Studies show innovative organizations are more profitable.

Source: MIT Sloan Management Review

Studies show innovative organizations are more successful in the long term.

Source: The Academy of Management Journal

Get your team on the same page by establishing a shared vision.

Source: Journal of Applied Psychology

Often, new ideas feel like a threat to current work, and it helps to have a big-picture vision that’s been universally agreed upon.

Source: Organization Science

Empower your team with information and autonomy.

Source: Journal of Applied Psychology

Encourage curiosity.

Source: Human Resource Development Quarterly

Whether intentionally or not, many workplaces discourage risk-taking. That’s why it’s important to establish that failure is okay, so long as you learn from it.

Source: Journal of Organizational Behavior

Peer feedback (the constructive kind, at least) can have a positive impact on creativity, which can lead to innovation.

Source: The Academy of Management Journal

Start by hiring naturally curious people who like to learn, then encourage them to develop and grow their skills by taking (or teaching) courses.

Source: American Psychologist

Evolve Your Ad Campaigns with Programmatic Buying

Haircast got 2x more social media activity than any past Pantene campaign. The company saw sales jump 24% over a 2-month period versus the year before.

Source: MMAGlobal/Pantene Haircast Case Study: (2013)

Grab Their Attention with SMS Marketing

SMS messages have an open rate of 99%


Americans spend 14% of their time on their phones texting


90% of SMS messages are read within just 3 minutes


Fewer than 1% of SMS replies are typically “out of flow”

Source: DoSomething.Org

People are far more likely to supply their information if it’s optional

Source: DoSomething.Org

Handle with Care: Avoid Scams in Your Email

identity thieves stole $16 Billion from 15.4 million U.S. consumers in 2016

Source: The 2017 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research

Boost Your Reach Organically with Referral Marketing

Nielsen research shows that 83% of people trust the recommendations of friends and family

Source: Nielsen

only 63% trust TV ads.

Source: Nielsen

messaging that offers a monetary incentive (“Get $10”) works the best.

Source: FriendBuy

Show Your Story with Visual Marketing

83% of the way we learn is visual, and articles with images get 94% more views than those without.

Source: Newscred + Getty Images: The Power of Visual Storytelling

How to Market for Holidays and Special Moments

New Year’s Eve involves the theme of resolutions, with health being a big part of that message.

Source: Google Trends

Online Reviews: The Best Endorsement for Your Business

88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.

Source: BrightLocal: Local Consumer Review Survey, July 2014

Get People Talking About Your Business with Word of Mouth Marketing

92% of customers globally trust recommendations from friends, family, and word of mouth more than anything else.

Source: Nielsen

Visual content is over 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than text only.

Source: Buffer

Create Content Your Audience Will Want to Share

While paid digital marketing can be useful in promoting your business, people trust their friends, family, community, and other humans more than ads.

Source: Nielsen

Visual content like photos or videos is over 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than text-only posts.

Source: Buffer

Picture This: Website Images Worth a Thousand Words

A whopping 83% of human learning is done via visual cues.

Source: NewsCred - Power of Visual Communication

Work with Social Media Influencers to Sell More

70% of people say they want to learn about products through online content versus traditional ads.


How a Punchline Can Send a Strong Message

Humor is the number one characteristic associated with higher view rates of ads

Source: Think with Google: To Skip or Not to Skip - What Keeps People Watching, July, 2015.

Keep Customers Happy with Quality Products and Services

No matter what product or service you sell, quality is essential to your business’ success, and it goes beyond the basics of what you sell and do.

Source: First Insight, Inc

Quality can lead to more customers recommending your business through word of mouth, as well as leaving positive online reviews, which can be a major factor in the decision making of potential customers further down the line.

Source: Search Engine Land

Go Beyond Keywords: Know How Customers Really Search Online

Searches starting with “can I,” like, “Can I use X shoes to run in the mountains?” have grown over 85% recently.

Source: Think with Google

People also want the “best,” using that specific word more and more in searches.

Source: Think with Google

Recently, mobile searches for “product reviews” have increased by over 35%.

Source: Think with Google

Videos on YouTube with the word “review” in the title had more than 50,000 years worth of watch time on mobile alone.

Source: Think with Google

Use Your Packaging to Get Your Brand Out There

Seriously, why do you think there are millions of “unboxing” videos?

Source: Think with Google

Avoid Micromanaging and Help Your Team Succeed

Research shows that most people do best when they’re given some room to grow on their own.

Source: Google re:Work

Sell, Sell, Sell: Get Quick Conversions with a Flash Sale

more than 45% of flash sale products sell out faster than the retailer expected.

Source: Apparel

Use UX to Improve Your Mobile Store

34% of online purchases happen on mobile device

Source: Think with Google

Brand Marketing & Direct Response: A Powerful Pair

People who’ve already been to your site are 2-3 times more likely to click on your name in search results and 2-3 times more likely to buy from you, so remarketing search ads typically produce much better results than standard search ads.